The Anant Foundation, a non-profit organization, is the pillar of the Anant project. The mission of the foundation will be to achieve fullness in quality of life, health and wellness. In this spirit, it will carry out activities for the benefit of its members and the community in general.

Social responsability.

With a profound interest and corporate social responsibility, the Anant Foundation will make effective changes and improvements to its community, providing it with tools and knowledge that will allow it to be the protagonist of its progress.

Regenerative agriculture.

We strongly believe that all people should have opportunities that allow them to develop both personally and socially. For this reason, we will soon present the programs and actions that we will carry out with the aim of achieving a better world and future for all.

Environmental conservation and restoration.

We will be allies of Efecto Arena by joining their efforts to overcome environmental and social challenges that generate a positive impact on the well-being of the community.