Anant, Conscious Community, is a residential project created for its inhabitants to achieve plenitude in health, wellness and quality of life. It offers services that meet the highest standards in security, health and quality of life.

Its design and functionality magnify the natural heritage of the region where it’s located by prioritizing it in the project as an integrated, sustainable resource.

Anant was born to provide benefit, to embrace, to give sanctuary and to offer conclusive reasons to live in a harmonious community that involves understanding and inclusivity.

We put people at the center of our real estate development so we can provide an exceptional way of life.

Anant, La Paz, BCS, is a private community with a view to the calm, turquoise waters of the Cortes Sea, offering front row seats to thousand-colored sunsets beyond compare.

The project offers options in health, sports, experiences and activities close to nature that make good on having an excellent quality of life.

Located at the Pedregal de La Paz residential development, it presents a unique opportunity, a space to coexist in harmony with nature while being in a private, sophisticated environment.

Introducing Anant Vivir, a global-multidestiny sustainable project that inaugurates its vision at the beautiful and stunning Mita Bay, in the State of Nayarit, Mexico. Exclusively designed for Seniors who are ready to enjoy their golden years at the fullest within a top of the line development and eco-friendly technology ready to welcome and enhance their new lifestyle with joy and confidence. Specially created for the elderly.

Anant Vivir offers two specific and rewarding benefits:
1.Superb Medical Care led by a team of experts who will know beforehand each of our resident´s healthcare requirements.
2. Dignity Clinic, for the ones who need special assistance to be able to carry out their daily activities.

Anant Vivir, where our residents live their best years in a place that values Nature´s gifts to humanity in a happy and satisfying atmosphere, where they can explore new recreational and cultural activities, exercise, socialize and fun, enjoying new experiences. A place where they receive the respect and value they deserve in the most beautiful place to live forever.

Anant, Mexican Caribbean, is a private community in Playa del Carmen at the shores of the Caribbean Sea, in one of the most thriving and touristic regions of Mexico.

The project has options in health, wellness, shopping, services & experiences targeted towards the high-end, luxury level while managing to merge the activities with the surrounding nature of the area.

Located at the Corasol residential development, Anant presents unique experiences and benefits such as the exclusive golf course Gran Coyote and the biggest beach club in the region.